what different types of sports flooring are there

Sports flooring is usually of different types. Essentially, the type of flooring installed in a sports venue will depend on the type of sports undertaken there. The following are the most common sports flooring birmingham types you will find in Birmingham:

  • Maple hardwood. This type of flooring is used indoors in a gym. You will also find it on basketball courts. It is loved due to the ease with which you can design and clean it.

  • Polyurethane athletic flooring. Athletics venues require very durable flooring and polyurethane is one such material. These kinds of sports flooring can also be found in gyms and fitness centres.

  • Rubber flooring. You can ask the flooring experts in Birmingham to help you install rubber flooring in the weight workout room. It is preferred because it is easy to maintain, stain resistant, seamless appearance, and shock absorbing.

  • Artificial turf. An increasing number of sports facilities have artificial turf. This type of sports flooring is used on football pitches in the place of natural grass. You can also find then in rugby, baseball, and cricket fields.